Gift Cards


You guys are often asking what to gift to a person. We try to be helpful and ask you who the person is, he or she, cool one or a retard, dickhead, asshole – who? …And you always answer – well, it’s a human, has 2 legs and also, almost forgot – talks. Definitely talks. End of the day, we’ve got no idea what your gift receiver will like, we don’t know them! You’re the one who knows them and if you don’t know what your recepient will like, what’s the point asking us? 😂
To taclke this issue, we created gift cards. So don’t sweat about choosing the gifts, save yourself and us a headache, get the giftcard and let the recepient later pick the product/products his/herself. We have 50, 100 and 150GEL gift cards. Pick the one you want!



These gift cards will save you from a headache while choosing a gift! There are 3 types. Get the one you want and save your time!

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