High Tech Dick


High Tech Dick is one of the most technologically advanced dicks on the sex toy market.
Being high tech in this case means the following:

White Heart It is remote controlled and has exceptionally good signal receiver

White Heart There’s a separate engine in the head of the dick that spins around at 360 degrees and also moves up-down.

White Heart It has a vibration that is exceptionally pleasant when
When you sit on it completely, your clitoris also gets some of that pleasure by the vibration on the balls!

White Heart You can just turn its vibration on, or just have it swinging the head around, or have both of those functions on at the same time. You controll all of this by a remote controller.

White Heart it has USB charging.

White Heart You can use it in shower, but consider that the charging point should be pointing downwards so that the water doesn’t get inside it.

White Heart You can pit it on the strap on belt and use it as one.

This boner won’t wake you up with sex and won’t make you a coffee in the morning.
Other than that – it is ideal!

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High Tech Dick is a highest quality technologically advanced dick for those who love the state of art stuff inside them!