Hybrid Dick


It is kind of a rare product that fits everyone.
A lot of couples want “something for both”.
So, you want a dick? – You’ve got a dick.
You want a Pussy? – You’ve got a pussy.
Both girl and a guy can use it at the same time. Dick is pretty long and thick, so if the couple is having a small dick problem, this can act as a converter. You can see the exact sizes on one of the pictures.

If you’re gay for example and you fantasied about sticking directly into the dick, this is a product that will make you able to do it and you can also stick it in someones ass too as a bonus.

If you are a Bi sexual and you like both giving and receiving, you can enjoy the 2 in 1 capability of this.

There’s something for everyone with this product!

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If you are looking for a cheap product that will make any gender happy or both genders happy at the same time, than just get Hybrid Dick.