Hydro Pump


There is no man who doesn’t pay attention when he hears “increase of dick size”. Increasing the dick size happens with pumps. Pumps are the following types:
1. Vacuum (you use a hand to take the air out of the pump) – their disadvantage is that sometimes the air tubes go bad.

2. Electric (you press the button and it creates the vacuum) – their disadvantage is that the electric mechanism may go bad.
3. Hydro (Vaccum is created in shower, with water) – This doesn’t have a tube or an electric mechanism to go bad. You use it during your shower. It could be bulky and hard to learn at first. For instance the electric ones are the easiest to use and way more dummy-proof, But this one may work out much better for you. Learning it will be the easiest if you go on Youtube and see the videos.

If you’re familiar with the penis pumps: This one is HydroMax. You probably also know the retail price on its official web page. There you go bud, half the price here 👍

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ჰიდრო პომპა არის ყლის გაზრდის ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე გამძლე მოწყობილობა. This specific model is HydroMax – Best of the best!