Did you know that the name Irene is of Greek origins and means “peace”? In Greek mythology, Irene was a godess of peace.
At first it was spelled as Eirene, she was a daughter of Zeus.

This daughter will give you an un-natural pleasure: you can have sex with her in doggy style and yet be playing with her boobies. She’s 2.25 Kilos, allowing you just to put her on the bed and enjoy sex with her without having to hold her with your hands. At the same time, she’s small and light enough to move around easily if you’re travelling.

Irene will bring peace to your heart and mind every time after a day full of stress and war. Irene will calm your messy brains and will allow you to make your next day happier and more fruitful!

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 1990 ორგაზმი.

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Peace defeats the war, Irene defeats your hand and girls that get you exhausted. All of us need one Irene in our beds.