Ever watched 300 Spartans movie? All those persians who fall under Kserkses fighting with the Spartans under the command of Leonidas.

In reality the Persian king Kserkses was not bald and wasn’t in chains at all (he had long curvy hair and beard), but in the movie he’s bald, naked and all in ornamented chains.
The movie director didn’t change the real face of Kserkses for no reason. There is something BDSM-ish in that nakedness and chains, something that contributed to making the 300 Spartans movie a legend that it is.

By adding leather and 7 lines of chains to each side on the underwear, we are giving you ability to add sexuality, intimacy, attractiveness to your private, sex life and overall be way more memorable, hot and pleasant to look at, than you’d be without this underwear ❤️

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If kserkses had the same look in the 300 Spartans movie as he had in real life, the movie would totally not be as watchable as it is!