The name pretty much says it. Winking Face with Tongue
it licks your dick. Hushed Face

Really, it licks your dick.
It has a tongue inside that you turn on and it licks your dick in multiple speeds/styles.
You control those speeds and styles. White Heart
Asides of licking, the licker also has a vibration.White Heart
You make your dick wet with a lube, stick it in, turn it on
and enjoy that blowjob!
If you can’t ask your wife for a blowjob See-No-Evil Monkey
and you don’t wanna betray her, than this thing is just for you!

it has USB charging.
The Licker comes with earphones for you to listen to the moans of the licker. That’s right – it even moans! White Heart

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Do you want your dick to be licked like an ice cream whenever you want it, the way you want it and for however long you want it? Then you’re looking for a licker!