The Longtail


Ordinary ass plug, with a little cute plug and a big tale. See-No-Evil Monkey

კაი საცობია
If you’re shitting waters from your stomach and still wanna have sex with your partner, get this. See-No-Evil Monkey
You won’t shit waters during sex no more and sex will also be more intimate! See-No-Evil Monkey

This tail reminded me of one story.
Once I was flirting with a chick and she says – Oh, what are you, what are you?

I was like – What am I?
Wait for it:
You’re a fox, a longtail fox – she says. See-No-Evil Monkey
That was… I don’t know. I may forget all sorts of things when I get very old, but I won’t forget that.


So, what do you say, don’t you wanna be a longtail fox? Get it, stick it up your ass and be a longtail!

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