M2 Browning


If you don’t know what M2 Browning is, check out youtube, google it

This is a very strong, legendary machine gun that has won multiple wars.

So, we present you our Legendary M2 Browning-Dickgun!

Thrusting speed: When you set it to maximum, our dickgun thrusts it 500 times a minute (about the same as M2 Browning). This means this dick gun is gonna go inside and back 8.3 times per second!!! What else can invade the holes this fast?

Whole weight is about 2.5KG. Sizes are indicated on the picture. Difference between this and the machine gun is that this one weights about 2.5KG only, it is smaller in size and more compact.

Thrusting length: 6cm Meaning: the dick is gonna move inside the whole on the length from 0 to 6cm.

Not noisy considering what it does. The sound of it won’t disturb you.

Usable for both Laidies and Gentlemen.

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