M249 SAW


M249 SAW is the most widespread machinegun in the US forces.

It is widespread because it is the most useful as a light machinegun!
It is a true saw.

That’s what our M249 is.
It is compact – it even comes with its beautiful bag.
You open this bag and inside it is almost-ready to action machinegun that is mounted on this bag.
All you need to do is to put in the power cable, put the barrel (dick) on and that’s it, you’re ready to SAW it up!

It has 6 speeds of thrusting that you can control with the remote controller as well.
On the fastest setting it thrusts in and out 5 times a second.
It also has a heating function. The heating is initiated by the remote controller.

It technically could have a vibration option but this version comes with just a stock, non-vibrating dick, that’s why we’re putting a big sale on it.

The real machineguns have a problem of heating up and they require a barrel change after a little while of continous firing.
You won’t need to change that barrel on this machinegun.

Armed people mean strong people. The world belongs to strong people. So arm yourself with a machinegun and convert its powers into your satisfaction, peace of your mind and strength!

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M60 was a legend of Vietnam. What do you think, will M249 SAW be a legend of Iraq/Afghanistan in 20 years?