Male Anti Bacterial Agents


This is a product that every man needs.

If you go to travels or camping from time to time, than you absolutely know what a terrible feeling it is when your balls start to sweat and your dick gets salted.

It even starts to really smell like a Dick and you can’t wait to go to the hotel or any place gifted by god to wash it.  ….Aaand if you are in this situation for over 24 hours and you gotta sleep at the airport or in the bus except of the hotel room – your dick may even start to burn as skin is starting to be eaten out by the salt.

Imagine you have an opportunity to fuck someone during such travel, a spontaneous romance that is supposed to be flawless, except – your smelly dick is fucking it up.

Shortly – this is the anti bacterial agent. You spray it on your dick, wipe with hand or anything clean that’s it – Smell disappears, salt wears off, all the bacteria is removed, you pretty much become sex-ready.

It’s 30ML.

So don’t worry about your shower, Your anti bacterial agents will save you!

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Male Anti Bacterial Agents is a product that all of us need for our personal hygiene. Get it and feel what’s it like to really have it clean!