Male Pheromone


This is a male pheromone.
In case you don’t know what a pheromone is – you’ve ever felt special smell in woman that attracts you, right? – Sure you know what I’m talking about, you don’t live in a cave after all. That smell is a pheromone that all of us have. It has a special smell and we attract the opposite sex with it. That’s how these chicks attract you – Directly, chemically reacting on your brains.
Has anyone ever told you that you smell quite good without you having any perfume on you? That means your pheromones have attracted someone before.
That’s right, all of us have pheromones, but we produce it from time to time and a small amount. Shortly – use this pheromone and wake up a woman in females. Attract their attention!
To win their heart, you’re gonna need more than a smell for sure, but if you want to make it easier for you, use this perfume.
Or maybe you just don’t even care! It’s just the fact that when you have this pheromone on you, it’s like people pay more attention to you, they smile to you more, talk to you better and shortly – you’re less in shadows. That’s the cool thing! You may not wanna seduce anybody but just the attention feels good.
So get it, use it and enjoy it <3 it’s 30ml in capacity.

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Get our Male Pheromone and have a direct psychological effect on your victim, be an aplha male of the day! Try it out!

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