Mini Premium Clitorator


This is a premium clitorator – a strong clitoris vibrator, just a mini version.
Ever had a wish to have an Orgasm in an extraordinary environment?
At the university for example, to relieve some stress before the exam… Or at your work when there’s a moment that is full of stress and emotion that just makes you want to go to a toilet for a bit and let it out with one Orgasm…

That is what a mini premium clitorator is for. You just keep it in the pocket or the bag to keep it unnoticed and take it out whenever you want, get that pleasure and continue what you’re doing after relieving all that stress ❤️

❤️ Has several vibration styles
❤️ USB Charging


Mini premium clitorator is a pocket vibrator that can be hidden easily and will provide you with high quality vibrator services at any spot!

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