Minilove Orgasmic Gel


You know what a lubricant is, right? – If not, then google it or check out the lubricants in our shop.

Orgasmic gel is lubricant-like liquid, but a little thinner and far more effective. You use it as a normal lubricant, just maybe fewer in miligrams than the lubricant. It feels radically different from lubricant when you stick it in. Main thing it does is an internal stimulation of a woman – so that every time you stick it in is better feeling, the orgasm is reached sooner and is more intense.

Quantity is 30ml – a lot for orgasmic gel. If you use 1ml lubricant every time you have sex, you won’t need more than 0.25-0.30ml of orgasmic gel, so 30ml should be enough for a while.

Shorlty – get it and fully enjoy sex ❤︎

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Minilove orgasmic gel is one of the best orgasmic gels out there. Fuck the lubricants when this one is in stock!