Minilove Savior Vol.2


Minilove is a famous and well-known brand world wide. So when the name is a guarantee of the quality, you should be able to find it in Kiku, right?

So, we present you a Minilove Delay Spray! This spray is also known as Minilove Dragon Oil. it’s 10ml. Just see the last picture to read how to use it + the ingredients and stuff. Just do what the picture says and you’re good to go! You’re gonna spend about 0.2-0.3ml on each use, so it’ll be enough for a while. Even if you have it for long though, it’s fine. It has a shelf life for 2 years. Just don’t drop it in the heat under the sun.

And remember that it won’t cover you from diseases, make a dead dick alive or be useful as an elixir of eternal life. It just does what we say it does.

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Minilove Savior Vol.2 is not just the savior, but a real Dragon Oil! That’s how it’s branded. It meets up to the name.