Minilove Savior


Minilove is a famous and well-known brand world wide. So when the name is a guarantee of the quality, you should be able to find it in Kiku, right?

So, we present you a Minilove Delay Spray! it’s 10ml. If you’re wondering how to use it, check the 3rd picture. It includes the instruction. Just follow the instructions from the picture and you’re good to go! You’re gonna spend approximately 0.2-0.3ml on each use. So this is gonna be enough for a while. But, even if you have it on a shelf for long, don’t worry about it – it’s good for 3 years. Just don’t drop it under the sun in the heat.

And remember that it won’t cover you from diseases, make a dead dick alive or be useful as an elixir of eternal life. It just does what we say it does.

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Minilove is not just a savior, but a famous savior in our catalog! If you didn’t trust the non-branded saviors before that we had in our catalog, there you go, have a branded one!