What you’re seeing here is a very cool nappy!

You were wearing Pampers to pee and shit in it and then it changed with Always Ultra so you’d bleed in it. We have our own version of Always Ultra. Probably you folks know another brand to bleed in – Molped. Now we have our version of Molped too! Always Ultra and now Molped – our vibrators so you can fucking orgasm in them!This is another great, elegant vibrator.

Maybe you’re a virgin, or you just don’t wanna have a dick inside while enjoying your orgasm – you women have that luxury! It’s a man who must stick a dick into something for orgasm. You though, can enjoy it anytime thanks to your clitoris. That’s what this Molped is for. Pictures show the details:

❤︎ Different styles of vibration

❤︎ Little and compact, created for clitoris

❤︎ Quiet

❤︎ Remote controlled

❤︎ USB charging

Get it and have fun!



You used to wear the Nappies in your childhood because you’d pee and shit in them. Now you do it for your pleasure and you really enjoy it! It’s good to be an adult.

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