How many times have your brains been fucked with a phrase “It is too biiiig”?! Usually this phrase is a compliment but not when she’s about to do a blowjob! that points at least to the fact that this blowjob is not going to be ideal.

Or how many times you had a moment when they put only a head of your dick in the mouth? Or how many times was your dick raped by the teeth?

With a help of our special mouther, just forget about all this! Lovely, wide, resin mouther that perfectly fits the teeth so that your dick is well covered! It also makes your partner open a biiiiiiig mouth, that allows you to slide it in just perfectly ❤︎

Shortly, cool thing for your partner to learn how to do ideal blowjob.


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Mouther is great for those who are gonna mouth it. Great for opening a biiiiiig mouth, not harming the dick with teeth and mouthing it greatly, completely!

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