🥼 If you are a man and see excessive tiredness or anxiety in your partner, than you gotta read something important:

🥼 In a modern world, ladies are under an increasing level of stress.
🥼 Long hours at work, cleanness at home, private details…

🥼 All this requires willpower and energy, that is like fuel – it burns out during the day and a small rest is not enough to completely restore it.
🥼 Being under a constant stress like this causes anxiety.
🥼 This is a problem that requires a neurologist.

🥼 YOU are the best neurologist for your partner.
🥼 So, get dressed like a neurologist, set the environment and give her a therapy!

🥼 Remember that ordinary sex is not enough to cool the overheated brains. It is full therapies that cause a pleasant cooling of overheated brains and ensure a maximum relax!

Size free, it fits S M sizes

Material is 90% Polyester; 10% Elastine

იყიდე და დაიჩიჯიბე 1540 ორგაზმი.

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Know that you are the best neurologist for your partner! Also the best neurologist doesn’t exist without a proper uniform!