How many times you thought that you spent your money in nothing, but you were wrong and you just didn’t remember what stuff you bought? Or, have you ever seen any shop in the universe, allowing you to purchase nothing? So, Kiku lets you do that! By the way, buying nothing may have a whole lot of good reasons:

  1. You’re gonna remember it!

2. You have the ability to leave tip for the live support guys (1), Make a donation to the doctor bloggers who work on educational blogs (Barely available in English, though) (2), Make a donation to that crazy content maker who writes everything on this page, came up with an idea of this product and is now writing this (3), gift a sale to a random client (4), or just help the development of our sex shop! (5) (5). It’s easy – while you’re making a purchase, just indicate one of the 5 numbers written above in the comment section, or the section of your name, or pretty much wherever you want so we can identify what you’re purchasing the nothing for.

3. You’re gonna be surprised, but 40% of the people trying to make a purchase through card payment, do not complete their transactions and just leave them half way. We researched that and the results are following: 1) They just don’t have figured out how online purchases work and they don’t know what to do, so they’d rather just transfer the money. 2) They’re afraid that it won’t be fully anonymous. They don’t know where/how the transaction will show and what proof will they have that they paid. So here’s the practice opportunity! The company that runs our card transactions is Unipay. Unipay does not see what you’re spending for and you get an automatic invoice on your e-mail from us. For testing, here’s the product that helps you practice and make a donation on the way!

If you’re only purchasing nothing, it’s logical that indicating cash as a payment method makes no sense. If you’re ordering other products as well and you’re paying cash, + you want to end your purchase with round numbers and donate for one of the five purposes with that, you can cetrainly add nothing in your basket as well. If you just wanna leave a tip for the delivery guy, you can simply just give it.

Each of our nothing costs 1GEL. Add as many nothings in the basket as you want!

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Have you ever seen a shop anywhere, allowing you to make a LEGIT PURCHASE of Nothing? So there it is, get Nothing!