Hey Females ❤
It’s us, guys who make these products ❤
You often get dressed in Tanga and other sexy underwear, short skirts and shit like that, but you don’t realize how shit that is compared to what we have in our minds ❤

This is what we have in our minds ❤
Doesn’t matter how honest and cute we are, there’s no chance that we never imagined whatever you see on the pictures at least once in our lives ❤

Ever had a walk in Vatican? Ever seen young, charming, sexy nun, making you to sweat?

And if you did, what are the chances that your fantasies on this scenario may ever come true? – Almost 0.

Or, you can just get this uniform and make the night very damn special ❤

Package includes everything you see on the picture ❤

Size free, it fits S M sizes
About the material: 90% Polyester  10% Elastane

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Become a Nun of Kiku. Make others happy and make yourself happy with it ❤