Women, It is the guys posting these products.
You often dress Tangas, some transparent gaiters, short skirts and that kinda stuff, but you don’t get how generic and boring that is compared to what we have imagined in our minds.

THIS is what we have in our minds ❤
Doesn’t matter how sweet and honest your partner is. There is no way that he hasn’t imagined what you see on the picture at least once in his life at night.

Ever been to Vatican? Ever seen young, charming, attractive Nun, who turned you on?

How big is the chance that you or your partner ever make your fantasies true and actually end up with a Nun? – Almost zero. Unless you get this uniform and gift each other a very beautiful night of course ❤

About the material: ❤ 92% Polyester ❤ 2% Elastine

The package includes: necklace, scarf, dress and underwear. 🙂
Fits S and M sizes.

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Become a Nun with Kiku. Make it your own pleasure to make someone else happy ❤