Our Moments


Do you have your couple or a partner? – Don’t miss out on this then. This stack has 100 cards and all 100 are ideal for the couples. This card is less oriented on sex and intimacy and rather more oriented on deep conversations on topics that you normally don’t discuss.


  • If you had the ability to sit and talk with your 15 year-old self, what would you tell him/her?
  • What does the success mean for you?
  • What do you prefer – have 500$ more monthly or have 2 more hours per day?

And 97 more questions like this. There is more couple-ish stuff too, that’s why this game is for the couples. It doesn’t feel as fantastic when you imagine it, but trust our experience – this stack of cards is not a purchase, it is an investment. Thanks to these cards you will have such conversations with each other that as a bare minimum – you’ll spend a time great enough to never forget. As an expected result – it will change the course of your relationship for much better in short, middle and long term.

Worth the price? – Again, our personal experience: it is priceless. The concept of these cards is created by very smart people in California.

Game is simple – you have the stack in front of you, you take the cards one by one, read the question on the card and take turns answering it. The cards are in English.

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Our Moments is a priceless card game for couples that triggers deep conversations on the topics that you normally don’t think about.