What you see here is a portal that is in sizes – big and small.

It’s called a portal because you can stick your dick into a mouth and out of the vagina, or vice versa.
At least once in your life you have imagined sticking it into a vagina and out of the mouth, right?

Fulfilling that imagination is physically impossible unless you really get a portal but we make it possible by removing the whole human that stands in between the vagina and the mouth.

That’s what our portal is. If you stick it in completely, it allows you to physically feel what you would feel by sticking it into the vagina and out of the mouth or vice versa.

Do not forget that, differently from the pussy and mouth, the vagina or the mouth here do not get wet by themselves, so you’re gonna need a lubricant with it.


Before there is a Portal gun that connects any A and B points with each other, this ought to be enough.

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