Premium Scarf


Premium dick scarf one of the best scarves out there with exceptionally cool spikes and hard balls inside the silicione. It is a way to transform dick to an orang-outang. You can put it straight around your dick so that your dickhead is still not covered by anything and you enjoy sticking your dick at that hole at its finest, or you can put it on your condom and that way convert your ordinary condom into a shaggy one. It’s not disposable. Go ahead and use it as many times as you want!

If you’re ordering stuff that’s above 25GEL overall, add this Premium Scarf to your cart as well, type “discount” in the coupons section and get it for 7GEL instead of 12GEL! When they ask you where you got this, don’t forget to recommend us 🙂

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Premium scarf is about the coolest thing you can put on your dick. It has hard balls inside the silicone along with all the soft spikes that you see on the picture. If your girl enjoys 100% of your dick, consider she’ll enjoy 150% of it.