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Everything that is pleasant for ass is popular. Everything that is pleasant for ass and is remote controlled, is more popular. That is no big news since controlling a vibrator while most of it is inside your ass is extremely uncomfortable without a remote.

So, the MOST popular is whatever is pleasant for ass, is remote controlled and is cheap. Pleasant for ass – remote controlled – cheap is a very hard configuration and there’s not a whole lot that can satisfy all these 3 criteria together.

The cons of this particular product (because it’s a budget one) is that when it is inside your ass, it is hard for it to receive a signal from the remote controller so you may not be able to switch the vibration modes exactly as you would like to. This should be forgiven because even the most expensive phones have a hard time receiving the signal in the tunnels, all though we surely have the ones with better signal receiving capabilities. Otherwise this product is ideal with its size, material, vibration and USB charging.

Shortly, if you’re looking for something remote controlled for your ass and you don’t wanna spend much, here is this interesting option.


The remote plug is a budget and remote controlled anal plug.

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