Sex Machine on the Belt


You know our product – sex machine, right? This is kinda the same, except the design of a dick is kinda more realistic and it’s on belt – it’s a strap on and remote controlled.

It has 10 styles of vibration, works on batteries that you put in remote controller (batteries included!) so just get it, open it, turn it on and stick it into your victim

If the nature did not give you a dick, than you’re gonna give it to yourself, and you’re gonna give yourself such a dick that no natural dick will be able to compete with it! While you fuck your chick by moving in and out, the fast vibration will make her go even crazier, especially with her clitoris and at the end make her cum super, suuuuuper hard! ❤

Shortly – you pay 114GEL once and FUCK YOU, MOTHER NATURE, You’ve got your own dick now!


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Sex Machine on Belt – Because you need to mount it on you – Go ahead and get your victim!

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