Sex Oil


Nothing works well when dry.
Imagine: you start your sex with slow, erotic massage… applying these to your hands and then, slowly, passionfully moving your hands to every bit of the body of your partner… Their skin get all shiny, sliding, and the more their body start to shine, the more they get aroused, the more they want you…
And then you start. You start and you watching the body, touching it, the sound of hitting it is getting your partner aroused way, way more…
And then you cum! Cum with your whole body.
You cum so hard that you’re in astral.
And you’ll never forget this experience.
This is our Sex Oil. This lubricant won’t fuck it up, because it doesn’t get dry in the middle of sex.
Kiku is oriented on quality… Enjoy <3
<3 100ML

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This is the Sex Oil, which will make your sex a whole different experience. That’s the one that makes bitches look silk in porns.