A Small Dick


Maybe you want a dick, but you hate men?

Maybe you wanna master your blowjob skills but not on carrot and eggplant, but on a dick before you get to your guy?

Maybe you wanna gift it to your friend, so she finally gets a dick?

Or maybe you want to gift your friend his twin, as a sign that he is a dick?

We present you little dicks in different colors ❤

High quality, with strong sticking ability.

You could stick it on a wall in the shower and make it fuck you, or stick it on the table, or on a chair, or on a car, or whenever you want!

Car is really a good idea actually. If you like any car, get to the car, stick this dick on it and make it fuck you.

The dick won’t cum inside you and won’t lose its erection either, so you’re ensured.

Selection of colors is wide! the Size selection – one of the pictures shows it. You can have two bigger sizes than this.


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A small dick. Just a small dick. Lovely and available in different colors.

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შეარჩიეთ ფერი

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