Some Lubricant


We present you a minimal quantity lubricant for the cheapest price on the Georgian market. We made this product appear on the market for multiple reasons.

❤︎ A lot of you don’t give fuck that we offer you shit ton of lubricants the most cost-effectively, you just don’t wanna pay more than you have to.

❤︎ You don’t give a shit about different tastes and extra capabilities of the lubes. you JUST want the lubes.

❤︎ You’ve got no fucking clue what this is and you wanna try it out.

Or you even don’t wanna try it out. So let us explain here. When you buy a pussy, any pussy, they’re dry. The dick doesn’t go into a dry silicone, you gotta make it wet. Also, when you’re getting a Dildo or vibrator, your natural wetness is nowhere near enough. You gotta make it wet and only then use it, just like you make it wet during sex. But hold on there. You dirty asshole usually make it wet with your saliva, don’t you? That is disgusting. That seriously is Fucking Disgusting. Have you ever thought how much bacteria AND FOOD PARTICLES does that saliva include? Using saliva is incorrect and unhealthy, to say the least. To make it wet, you need a clean, special liquid – a lubricant, that is meant for it. That’s what this lubricant is for.

Also: if you’re purchasing stuff over 25GEL in total, you can throw this to your basket as well, just type “discount” in the coupons section and get this for just 3GEL instead of 8.

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You don’t know what this is for, you just wanna try or you just wanna grab some for as cheap price as possible? Get some lubricant, that won’t leave a mark on your pocket!