Special Massager


All of our vibrators are somehow special but most of them are still like each other. This thing is fully different – it is a clitoris vibrator that you put on your whole pussy.

You put all of the other clitoris vibrators just on spot, on the clitoris. This one, though, fully covers the lips of the pussy. Therefor, you feel the stimulation of all the spots of our outer pussy, resulting in a major pleasure and even tastier orgasm!

It has different styles of vibration and works on X2 AAA size (small) batteries that are included.

Shortly – a simple, budget and yet, original, useful and great vibrator that can make you explode from inside.

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Special Massager is fully oriented on the outside of your pussy. So, you put it on your pussy from outside, so that nothing goes inside, and you put it on so that all of your spots on the pussy – clitoris and lips are fully covered. That’s how it touches all of your key spots on outer pussy.