The package includes 3 stickers that you see in the picture. Each one of these stickers is about 15CM in size. Ideal on the fridge, door, bike or car (or anywhere else you’d like it).

If you’re the type who needs to have everything explained in details:

1. MINE IS 4M one – You know when big trucks have a sign of “Long Vehicle” and there’s often a length indication also (Not often in Georgia, more in USA). This sticker says that yours is 4M. But we mean the Dick.

2. Warning, FBI – Female Body Inspector: You’ve all heard of FBI. F – Female. B – Body. I – Inspector. What other abbreviations have you heard of? Stick them wherever you want and make it clear that you’re the female body inspector.

3. Baby on Board Loves big Tits: Baby on Board. You know those ones who sometimes drive around with a kid and they have this sign on the back of their car saying Baby on Board. This the same, except the baby is you and you love big tits!

If you’re ordering stuff that’s above 25GEL overall, add this to your cart as well, write “discount” in the coupons section and get all 3 of these stickers for 1GEL instead of 6GEL! When they ask you where you got these, don’t forget to recommend us 🙂

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If your overall purchase value is over 25GEL, get these cool stickers for just 1 GEL and stick them wherever you want to!