Imagine a cum, just 1 spermatozoon increased in size a couple million times.

That’s what it is.

❤︎ Ideal silicone

❤︎ 10 styles of vibration

❤︎ waterproof

❤︎ USB charging

❤︎ Remote controlled

❤︎ Elite looking

Imagine a cum inside you swimming around searching for its way to your eggs. That’s how it vibrates. It’s just that you don’t feel real cum at that time but this one is millions of times bigger in size, so you not just feel it but Hell Yeah – you FEEL it! You can use it during your walks outside, sport activities, work… It can be considered as a vaginal ball as well.

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Tadpole is a cum. A cum increased in size a couple million times. Cool cum thing – we Georgians call cum to whatever’s very cool. Really.

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შეარჩიეთ ფერი

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