THE Vibrodick


Thickness is 4.5cm. The coolest part is its head. Whole length is 19.2cm.

Has 10 styles of vibrations with quite strong vibrator located at its head, from where the wave of vibration is distributed to the whole dick. So, if you feel your best orgasms through your G spot, consider you found your dream dick!

It works on X2 AAA size batteries that are included.

It’s a little bit softer than real hard dick (at least it’s softer than my real dick when it’s hard, don’t know about other people…)

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THE ვიბროყლე არის მუტლის მაცხონებელი ვიბროყლე და არის კაი, მასიური, მსხვილი, ბარაქიანი ვიბროყლე!