Thermonuclear Glove of Kiku


With this glove… Wherever you may dig, every where you can dig! (as a foreigner you may not understand this nonsense, our president said that once. It makes no sense, yes).
You can confidently stick this even into the dirtiest, smelliest, shaggiest places!
Because it is a thermonuclear glove of kiku.
It has quite sensitive massagers.
stick it wherever you want, however you want and to whatever depth you want.
Unless you end up holding onto something sharp, there’s no risk of this glove tearing apart, so the acids won’t breach through. SAFETY WARNING: Don’t put your hand into as strong acids as Ortho-diethynylbenzene dianon or other strong acids like this one. It is likely that the glove will burn and so will your hand.
It’ll hold the battery acid, but we recommend not sticking it in your pussy, vagina or other holes after contacting the acids.

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Stick your hand where you would not without this!