Three Headed Clitorator


❤︎  The main thing that makes this product unique is that it’s followed by 3 different heads that you apply to it!
❤︎  One is ordinary, dick-like;
❤︎  2nd one – shaggy;
❤︎  and the 3rd one – like a claw of a scorpion!
❤︎  Choose one of those 3 heads, apply to the Clitorator, stick it in and have it in while feeling miracles to your clitoris! If you only had orgasms before, now you’re really gonna go through the astral!

❤︎  If you wanna feel orgasm from your G spot, just use the 2nd side of the Clitorator, apply lubricant to it and stick it right up your G spot!

❤︎ USB charging

Material: ABS; Medical Silicone

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Three Headed Clitorator – To put in whichever head you want while feeling miracles on your clitoris!