Titan – Provocative Gel


Do you have Titan gel?
– No, we don’t.

– Just wondering what’s the cost of titan gel?

– We don’t have it.

And so it was, endlessly. So there you go now, have it.
There is 3 types of Titan gel. This one is a provocative gel that should bring extra sensation to your dick so you feel sex better.
If you have A looooot of sex and you’re also enlarging your penis, you may lose feeling a bit, so there you go, keep your feeling up.
About the quality of the product: It comes with a special code that you can check in special applications and shit, don’t worry about fake shit on Kiku.
Remember: Titan gel is not magical and you’re not Asterix either to apply it and become super straight away. It requires time, so don’t be waiting for the result in 15 minutes. Have fun!

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Try Titan – Provocative Gel to provoke your feelings and get the maximum satisfaction in sex! Also, browse our sex shop for likewise products, you’re gonna find a lot of good stuff.