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How many times have you dreamed to have your pussy touched by such a thing? With different speeds, without getting tired, so fast that none of the mortal tongues work that speed, besides it won’t make your pussy full of saliva…

That’s what our tongue is. It has 3 different speeds of moving. The small silver vibrator that you see in the pictures is included. You attach that vibrator to the charging spot of the tongue and you get that vibrator working as well. You can stick this vibrator into your pussy while having the tongue licking you if you’d like, or stick it into your girlfriends pussy, use it as your imagination tells!

it has USB charging. One weird thing it has is that it doesn’t have any light while charging, so you don’t automatically know if it’s charged. Therefor, whenever it runs out of energy, just put it to charge for 2 hours. Then you know it’s fully charged and working again!

You can be sure that none of the living beings will have tongues like this 🙂

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The tongue is a miracle thing for the clitoris and the vaginal lips. Not a single tongue can make you feel like this. This one is unlike any other vibrators with its type. You shouldn’t die without feeling the taste of this!