Vaginal Bug


vaginal bug is our thick, multiple use condom with a lot of sticks, super head and balls ❤︎

shortly, what this condom can do:
❤︎ Has your partner ever had a fetish to be fucked not by a dick, but by a monster? Maybe she doesn’t feel orgasm? Or maybe you just think that she can handle more and you wanna push her to the limits? This condom doesn’t just have sticks and special head, it also has special balls inside the silicone layer, which will perfectly bring huge waves of pleasure to the sensitive areas of her vagina.
❤︎ Don’t worry, just sex won’t tear this apart.
❤︎ If you have phimosis, this product is for you. maybe you have and you don’t know: if the skin on the head of your dick is hardly moving, than it’ll be hurtful during sex as well. Put this condom on and forget about pain.
❤︎ You can stick into stinky, smelly vaginas. Your dick is safe in this castle.

shortly – stick it in, enjoy! ❤︎

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Make sure you’re wearing our vaginal bug or other dick armors while taking back the occupied territories. If we Georgians had this in 2008, things would have gone way better.