Vibro Thimble


Never used to play back in the childhood with Thimbles back in 90th? All of us did here in Georgia. Every grandma knew how to sew and all of them had iron thimbles. That was funny. No we’re adults. So we restore the concept of thimble, for your G spot and Clitoris this time!

​ Little, compact, cool product. Easy to clean. You stick your finger in at anytime and finger it up wheverer you want, however you want and whoevers pussy you want!

Especially cool at night, before sleeping ❤︎

It’s all just 50 grams. Works on X3 LR41 Batteries. Has 1 style of vibration and is waterproof ❤︎

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Vibro Thimble is the best vibrator we have measuring with compactness + practicality!