Do you know what Tesli means in Georgian? Tesli means a Cum. Tesla means a cummer.

So here’s a soft and awesome dildo, that is:

❤︎ A cummer! It spills out whatever you spill in and whenever you squeeze the handle. So imagine, a dick cums inside you, but that cum is whatever liquid you want, the amount that you want and at the moment when you want! Enjoy cuming inside you so that you don’t have to worry about it later! Would you dream about a joy better than that? 😛

❤︎ Has lots of styles of vibration. Really a lot, and the whole dick vibrates. When you stick it in completely and sit on it, a vibration of the balls makes your clitoris enjoy the fucking, and a vibration of the dick brings miracles from inside you.

❤︎ Soft dildo. Of course you can use it without vibration as well. Stick it wherever you want and jump on it the way you want.

❤︎ Sizes are shown on one of the pictures as well. Thicnkess is 3cm, the part that goes in is 16cm long, the diameter of the botom is 9cm and the whole length is 22.5cm.

❤︎ And yeah, it has USB charging. The remote controller that controls the vibration is charged with an USB, so you don’t need the batteries ❤︎❤︎❤︎

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Get our VibroBoner-Tesla and enjoy a constantly erected dick that’s gonna cum inside you the moment you want!