Voyager 2


Voyager 2 is a probe
that was launched 44 years ago to study the planets of the solar system. White Heart
This probe gave us magnificent images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uran
and Neptune. White Heart
It is the first ever object created within the solar system to be passing the membrane, per say, of our system, tripping into a deep space. White Heart

Our Voyager 2 is not a mastrubator.
This is a probe – your lives probe White Heart
That will trip you into a pleasure that a woman just can’t give you.
Every time you use it, It wil trip you beyond the solar system. Winking Face with Tongue

How it works:
You’re gonna need a lubricant. A LOT of lubricant.
If you want, just have a lube all over your dick and stick it in that way.
Then press the mode button.
That’s when it all starts Winking Face with Tongue
It sits tight around your dick and spins 360 degrees like a washing machine. Winking Face with Tongue
To increase the effect, it has a moaning button. See-No-Evil Monkey
If you’re not alone and there’s someone you’d rather not hear all the moans, you can hear the moaning just for yourself through the earphones that are included. White Heart
It has USB charging White Heart
When cleaning, take out the silicone part that spins around your dick and wash that. Do not wash the plastic part – there is no need anyway. If you somehow make the plastic parts dirty, clean them with wet wipes to make sure the electrical systems are not exposed to the water.

We wish you an ideal trip!

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Are you wondering what’s it like to go out of the solar system with a trip of your orgasm? Than you’re interested in Voyager. That’s what the Voyager 2 is for!