We – the founders and the stuff of Kiku don’t enjoy closing up and being in our bubble. We realize that partnership with different business brings financial benefit, all though we need more than economical interest to become a partner of someone. We just can’t stand official suits and handshakes, we believe that a partner business must be cool, full of heart, brother-like. That’s why this section of the blog is named Brother businesses.

  So, where shall we start talking about these guys. First, let’s have a look at the overall youth situation in Georgia. An idea is born, you sit on a random bench in an yard of your soviet apartment blocks with your buddies, eating semichki (sunflowers), drinking beer, you discuss your idea together, divide the roles, then nobody does anything and then the idea disappears. Then a new idea is born, discussing again, not shaking your ass again… And the cycle goes over and over and over and over again, for years.

“Insanity, is, doing the same fucking thing, over and over again, expecting shit to change.” – Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3.

In the society where everyone is insane, everyone seems sane and the sane seems insane. These guys are INSANE! I mean – they’re THE most sane people we’ve ever met! These people are not the part of insane circle. These guys said it, and then they did it. They’re ahead of our time. These people are ordinary, not at all special young guys with no background or no help from ANYBODY, who, instead of bitching about “evil capitalism” and blaming everyone and everything else for their misery, sat down, thought, planned and then they moved.

They moved their brains, hearts and hands at the same time. They did dare, they risked and they created a fine, attractive place, that you can visit at any time, chill, enjoy the music, meet people who are happy to be along with these guys and people because of who it is really worth it to have faith in this country. Once you have enjoy their firm cocktails and you feel great, remember: that whole environment was created by the guys at your age or even younger than you, the ones we’re talking about in this blog.

Of course we’re happy to partner up with these people. Happy? – we are honored! The purpose of this blog is to present these people to you in frames of our partnership with them.

Not to make it too long, here’s their page:

And here’s a video about them:

The video is in Georgian but mostly there’s a talk about how they were created (that they had idea and they simply did it) and the fact that they often face threatens and aggression mostly because their name is Synod, which is also a name of the gathering of the highest hierarchy in the Orthodox church. But well, if you’re not receiving aggression in this country from people who have nothing to do with you, it means you’re doing something wrong.

Anyway, the word Synod comes from Greek “σύνοδος” and means “Assembly”. It’s got nothing to do with actual church synod.