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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, in case you didn't know)

Why would you buy from us?

Because we don't look at you as a "consumer" and you shouldn't look at us as a "business". You're a person behind the screen and we're the persons just like you.

When you're visiting our website, you're looking for maximum fun both from the experience and from the purchase, and to support that is the entire reason of why we made all of this.
We understand that most of the products you're looking at are the products you might have never seen or heard of, you may not even know what they're for. That's why we describe everything in a way that you won't be lazy to read and you'll understand what they do.
We also try to have video instructions on different products so you can have a better understanding in case something is cimplicated.

  • You don't get lied to here!
  • TITAN Gel doesn't work. You put that gel on your hand before you put it on your dick. If it worked than your hand would also be growing in size.
  • Sorry for sad truth, but if you're male and you wanna keep your dick erect for several orgasms, There's no tablets, smell, or anything of a sort that'll help you achieve that.
  • If a female doesn't want you or she's frigid, There's no magic medication that will make her go out of her mind and hop onto your dick.
  • If you cum too fast, YES there are sprays to help you with that!
  • Penis Pumps really work;
  • Kegel balls are really good for vaginal exercise;
  • Roleplay has a bigger positive influence on a sex life than you may be thinking.

Long story short, we wanna create value for you, tackle sexual taboos in Georgia, promote sex education and make things affordable.
So, are you with us?

Small technical details:

1. We are not a drop shipping store. All the products that you see are in our warehouse in Tbilisi asides of the ones that have "SOLD OUT" sign on them.
2. The products that are in stock can be purchased at any time. Just add the stuff to cart, then go to the cart page, hit the Checkout button and just fill the gaps.
3. If you're in Tbilisi, you can pay both card and cash on spot. You choose the payment method during the checkout.
4. Your order will be delivered to you the same day if you're ordering before 14:00. If you order after 14:00, than we'll be delivering the next day.
5. If you're outside Tbilisi, the additional delivery fee is 5 GEL and the payment is possible by cash on delivery or checkout on our website.
6. You can do payment installments with us.
7. If you wanna purchase now but reserve it and have it delivered like in 2 days or later, than pay with card and we'll store it for as long as you like. We can't reserve the products if you make an order with any payment on delivery options though.

If the products are out of stock: sorry, due to the customs delays and unstable shipping times, we can't tell you the exact dates of when we will have them. That is also why we don't do pre-purchases.


We don't use any branded packing. We just use non-transparent bags or wraps that don't have any writing or sign on them, so you can take our package in the street and nobody is going to suspect that you just got the sex toys.


We have our own delivery who contact you in advance and agree with you on the exact time and place. So the location that you indicate during the checkout, doesn't even have to be accurate. We're super flexible - we just call you up and deliver whenever/wherever it is the most flexible.


We have our own stock and exclusive partnership with some of the suppliers, so there is some good stuff that is unique at our strore!

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