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Kiku has been around serving people for over 5 years now. We're simply not just importers of good products. We actively work with the suppliers, forward your feedback, perfect every detail and create progress in +18 toys industry.


Kiku was founded on March 8th, 2019 by two students with 0 knowledge or experience in business, with just 1400GEL investment. First storage of Kiku was a garage.

Kiku was not a tech startup so we didn't have hopes of a big breakthrough and jumping from 0 to 6 figures within months.
Starting a business in retailing with 0 experience and 1400GEL investment was probably the baldest move we've ever made. We were also encouraged by the fact that we had nothing to lose. This sum was collected over the course of a couple of months, with a salary of just 450GEL, setting 350 aside while living on just 100 and losing several kilograms.
Starting business with a sum this small meant that we wouldn't be able to spend anything on marketing. We needed to increase the brand awareness using our only resource - creativity. If we were able to handle the brand awareness task and create a demand successfully, than we'd ultimately face another problem - little catalog and shortage of stocks. We would only be able to overcome this one with years of persistent work and constant growth without getting a single penny for return.
What did our friends and the market have to say

Friends didn't have anything out of the usual to say.

- It won't work out in Georgia bro.
- What about your career?
- Finish your study first.
- You'll get cursed a lot.
- Won't you be ashamed to be associated with dildos?

And bunch of other BS like that.
Market wasn't exactly sending a love message either.
- 97% of the population was religious (87% Christianity, 9% Islam) - Both religions undermine sexuality and sexual freedom.
- Social and political past - coming from the USSR, where sex was a taboo for 70 years
- GDP Per Capita was 4300$, which meant that average Georgian was just getting by, spending for only the most basic needs and owning a dildo is certainly not a life or death matter (or so we thought). 
Environment and starting settings were as hard as they could get, succession of Kiku looked like breeding palm trees in a desert.
We did it though! We did it, because we absolutely wanted to. We made it and with this we proved that hard work pointed in smart direction will always bring a result, even in a country like Georgia.
We did it, because we had a clear vision. 
Our mission
Our mission is to create sexually educated Georgia. Terms like sexual education are being mocked and used for propaganda accusations nowadays. That's why we'll cover this in detail:
• Our mission is that if a virgin doesn't spill blood on the first night, she shall not feel ashamed and should not need to explain herself as her partner would know that you may lose virginity without actually bleeding.
• Our mission is to have sexually healthy society. Bare minimum that a person would need to know for this would be to use a lube instead of the saliva.
• Our mission is affordability of fantasy-rich sex life, increasing the bond, strength and quality of relationships and marriages.
These missions are constant and continue in time. Always, when a couple fixes their sexual problems thanks to us or always when someone avoids an STD, we are completing our mission and in return, doesn't matter how much hate the haters spill, we are proud. 


Our vision
We are looking in several directions. For spreading education We are helping different educational groups. 
There's an awesome group called Sex Education that we're constantly helping by sharing their blogs or sending them vouchers for the winners of different educational contests.
We have other groups hitting us up with single time projects and we're always open to support them with our material-technical capabilities.
We also have our own channels of spreading education through shorts in the social media, our Kinky Ed show or through one on one communication during consulting in live chat. 
We strive to create a comfortable environment for sexual realization. For this reason, we have created
This is a platform where you can have dialog with other interested users, get to know them, flirt and communicate individually or in the group - even anonymously, if you'd like so.
We also support closed societies (Kinky unity, minorities, etc).
About the offline space: our showroom is one of the best in whole of Europe. You can certainly visit, have a look and purchase on spot.
Affordability is the most vital of all for us. Sexual products being within the pocket range for an average Georgian is essential. We worked a lot for this - we have high trade volumes with our suppliers, we managed to become a valued partner for the manufacturers, securing a guarantee of the lowest prices for the production and shipping. This allowed us to be the most affordable on the market. Today we have a whole lot of resellers buying from us - some resell domestically, some internationally.
Being open is probably our biggest difference from typical Georgian businesses. If you come to us with an offer, we don't look at you with a dull face only to say "no" in a few seconds. We listen to you, study you and your offer, determine how is it in line with us and our goals and only then get back to you with an answer. It is thanks to this approach that we're not only a retail store but also a distributor - You'll come across our products on different markets with different vendors - not just here and with us.
Kiku today

Today the company has one physical store that distributes throughout the whole country.

Board of kiku consists of 12 persons, leading 4 main directions:
management, marketing, front and delivery. 

We always strive towards expansion and creation of more workspace.

  • We don't have any identifying signs from the outside. Therefor, before you come (or as you come), message us on the support or give us a call and we'll bring you in.