• That happens when your product is damaged. Each product runs 2 quality checks – one in the factory, and another one when it is received in our stock. All though some packages are sealed though that they should not be opened before they get in your hand.

    Anyway, if you want your product returned or replaced, please write to live support and show them what the problem is. Issue will be discussed and we’ll get back to you. Time for messaging the live support is 1 month (if the product doesn’t have more than 1 month warranty). After 1 month – “I swear to my dogs shit I haven’t used the product!” Or “Yes of course I paid 119GEL but I had zero interest for it and I haven’t opened it for 4 months” will not be discussed by us. 

    Everything under 50GEL has no warranty. If you  don’t trust our quality control and you want to see for yourself, check the products on spot whenever they’re delivered by the carrier, make sure that everything is in proper shape/works and off you go.

    Products in 50-150GEL price range have a standard 1 week warranty unless mentioned otherwise in the description or product instruction. Products that cost more than 150GEL have a standard 2 weeks of warranty unless mentioned otherwise in the product description. Exception is the brand of Satisfyer: products of Satisfyer have 15 years of warranty. In case of defect we’ll take your product, check if the problem is caused by the manual damage and if not, then you’ll get the product replacement or a refund. Each of our product has at least 2 quality certificates. Vast majority of our costumers use our product for months or years. You can trust our quality and our support – we are not careless about our quality and image.