We have our own delivery guys who make sure that you know exactly when and where will you receive your package. They agree with you so that the time and place is possibly the most convenient for you. They're fast and they're friendly. Right now we have two delivery guys who replace each other or work together, depending on the volume of orders for the day.

You can see our primary delivery vehicle on the picture. The engine volume is just 0.7L, however it burns like a motherfucker. Its got like 8L fuel consumption per 100KM (29.5MPG), but that's ok. at least it drives unlike good half of the cars in this country.
If more than one delivery guy needs to work, then we kick personal vehicles into action.

ჩვენი კურიერები არიან მამრობითი სქესის, დაოჯახებული ადამიანები. ეს კრიტერიუმები სპეციალურად გვაქვს გათვალისწინებული იმისთვის რომ არც მათი შევიწროვება იყოს მარტივი ვინმეს მხრიდან და არც თავად იყონ დაინტერესებულები შენთან სექსით, ვინც არ უნდა იყო 🙂 მათ არ იციან და არც აინტერესებთ ვისთან რა მოაქვთ, თუმცა რათქმაუნდა იციან ანაზღაურება საიდანაც ერიცხებათ.


  • The delivery service works every day including the weekends.
    (asides of rare exceptions, about which you're always informed by a pop-up chat)
  • Orders received before 14:00 are delivered the same day. Orders received after14:00 are delivered the next day.
  • The delivery starts after 14:00.
  • About the delivery details, you receive a call in 12:00 - 14:00 time period and you agree on the specific time/place for the delivery.
  • We don't deliver like fast food, you generally shouldn't expect 30 minute deliveries.
  • Delivery in the central areas and near subway stations is free. There's usually an added fee of 3 to 5GEL if you are located somewhere at the end of the city. If that is the case, than the exact fee is determined by the delivery driver.
  • +5GEL is added on the addresses such as: Zahesi, Avchala, Orkhevi and so on. On Rustavi Highway and Avchala, we deliver by the 3rd party delivery service that delivers outside Tbilisi.

Packaging is always anonymous

  • Delivery driver does not know what he is bringing to you, but he knows where he works.
  • Our packages do not have logo, packing or anything of a sort.

Delivery outside Tbilisi

  • Deliveries outside Tbilisi are accomplished by our partner company Izibox (not the post of Georgia).
  • Delivery happens in 3-5 working days (Saturday, Sunday and any official day off doesn't count).
  • We don't know when exactly will you get your package. You'll need to wait for the call from them.
  • Packaging is anonymous and the delivery doesn't know what contents are inside.
  • Commission for shipping outside Tbilisi is 5GEL.
  • You can pay by card on the web page or by cash on delivery. If you have a foreign card, our website can't charge you. In this case your only option is cash on delivery.