We use pretty and anonymous style of packing for our products. We do gift packing too!

Picture shows you the orders to distribute at a random day. That's what your package is going to look like: if you're ordering something small, you may receive a box with brown-ish packing with no writings on it. Otherwise you'll take a non-transparent white or black pack. These packs won't make it inconvenient for you so you can meet our delivery guy at any spot and be confident that nobody is going to recognize any sex shop items.
The packages have no identification marks. The only thing on the package is a small sticker with your phone number on it and in case you're paying with cash, the amount that you're paying. This is how the delivery recognizes that the package is yours. You can remove the sticker after you receive the package. If you're sending it to someone else as a gift, let us know and we will remove the sticker prior to handing the product.