About us

We had several business ideas. Big enthusiasm, a lot of creativity and Veeeery little money.

While creating Kiku, we did not use any of the marketing guide books, nor any of us ever studied business. We’re just a bunch of crazy people who think that creating (or working in a sex shop) is a good idea. In the descriptions of items you can read us as we are with our friends, at home, in our everyday lives…

Do you know that car engine oil can be filtered and re-used? Filtering used oil and selling it was our initial business idea LOL. As you see, we’ve absolutely went through a looong way.

Well… What else? The web page has messenger function through which you can reach out to us in live chat format. Feel free to write heat us up!

Based in Tbilisi - Shipping to whole Georgia!


We use beautiful, blue or brown anonymous packing. Gift packing is also available!



Kiku has own carriers who make sure you have a track of your order and have your shit delivered ASAP.



We have our own stock and exclusive partnerships with some of our suppliers, so get exclusive shit here!

chat 24/7

If admins aren’t sleeping or screwing around somewhere, they’ll get to you in a matter of seconds. If you’re not being answered, leave your email or anything for us to get in touch with you