In 2018, leader of Georgian Libertarian political party, Zurab Japaridze stated that there is no ass in this country (no ass to do stuff).
We agree with Zurab and we want to contribute for fixing no-ass problem in the country.
We advice to all of the political decision makers to purchase this ass.
This ass may be your amulet and the power felt by holding it may push you towards making the decisions that turn utopia to reality and become figures, who nobody swears at.
Price of ass is also symbolic: 48GEL – the election number of “Georgian Dream” coalition, the current “majority”.
Zurab, there is an ass in this country, there is!

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with all the above mentioned, if your partner is refusing to be fucked in the ass, take this, apply our lubricant to it and after you stick it in, you’ll know what anal feels like (and this anal is even clean!your dick won’t have shit on it when you take it out)